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Do you like CrazyCreditGPT's Slot Machine?  If you love playing slots, than why not get paid for playing?  Well, now you can!  LaLa Loot uses the same concept as your favorite Top GPT site uses, only you get paid by playing their 'Banana Monkey Craze' slot machine! Members complete offers and/or surveys for incentives.  Some GPT sites use points, others use their own form of virtual currency, but LaLa Loot uses Slot Machine Pulls!  And because you are not guaranteed a definitive amount of earnings, your incentives are extremely over-compensated!  So, let's go over this.  Pretend a traditional GPT 'Name, Zip, and Offer Path' offer rewards you with .55$.  The same exact offer on LaLa Loot (and Cash Dazzle) might, instead, reward you with 18 pulls on the LaLa Loot 'Banana Monkey Craze' slot machine!  You could land on .05$ or you could land on 5$ (and remember, you have 18 chances to do this and your winnings from each spin are added together!).  There are hundreds & hundreds of offers, surveys, and trial offers that are changed/added daily.  So go on & have a blast getting paid to play virtual Slot Machines!

It's fairly common for GPT's to have sister sites and this family has spread out into different sites, too. Mommy Moolah is the first of the sister sites that ready to deal out the cash!  With hundreds of offers, surverys, quizzes, and more you are sure to find something fun to do.  Pile up all your game tokens and start getting those royal flushes and five of a kinds!  Mommy Moolah follows the same general rules of all GPT sites:  Complete offers to get incentives.  But there is a twish that makes Mommy Moolah different from any other get-paid-to site... Poker! Yup, that's right, you get to play a short hand of 'Jokers Wild' poker for completing offers and surveys.    The stakes can get pretty high, too!  HaHa, OK we'll stop with the corny jokes... it's just so much fun!  Anyways, making cash $$$ on Mommy Moolah has always caused me to crack up laughing because of their name.  I never associated a  game of poker with a pink, mommy-themed site... until now!  All joking aside, it really is a legitimate and fun site to make extra income on.  They always pay their members, they have been around a couple of years, and you won't hear anybody using the word 'scam' with Mommy Moolah!

Cash Dazzle is another sister site so you know it is fun and rewarding! You are basically doing the same thing you do on LaLa Loot but instead of pulling the lever on a slot machine, Cash Dazzle uses the spin and win 'Wheel of Cash.'  Personally, we enjoy spinning the 'Wheel of Cash' better... but, hey, you might like pulling levers!  To each their own!  Cash Dazzle is also different because they offer a 'Rewards Bar,' like many GPT sites offer.  You win more spins on the wheel for doing what you do on the web every single day! How cool is that?  Plus, it's totally convenient because you can see the best parts of Cash Dazzle without having to actually go to the site.  The Rewards Bar lets you see how many spins you have available, your dashboard earnings, an easy log-in button, PLUS extra special offers that can make you even more cash $$$!  It's safe, easy, and secure because it's the very same browser that supplies so many other reputable GPT sites with their own personalized 'Reward Bar' 'Search & Win,' etc...  The Bottom line is this:  You already search the web, browse new sites, watch advertisement video's, take product surveys, and even play computer games every single day on the internet, anyways.  So why aren't you getting paid for it?  With Cash Dazzle you can start getting rewarded, right now!

Quick Note: LaLa Loot, Mommy Moolah, and Cash Dazzle all have unofficial 'trial periods' (for lack of a better term??).  Your are granted FREE game tokens for the first 5 days after registering.  You are shown 'offer paths,' the same kind of 'offer paths' that you have seen a million times before on other GPT sites.  Or, you are just shown one simple offer in an email.  Regardless, you get your FREE tokens.  You do NOT have to do any of these offers to get your FREE GAME TOKENS (!!), just tick 'No' or 'Yes,' or 'Skip.'  After the first 5 days, you will no longer get FREE game tokens but you can, obviously, get more by just completing offers.  You can, too, complete offers during this 5 day period (when you get FREE tokens) to get  more tokens and make more cash $$$!

have a blast playing crazycreditgpt's *dress up the guru thief*
put him in a dress or nothing but a pair of heart checkered boxers!

Play Poker! Play Slots! Play Keno! Play Lotto!  Do it ALL on one site, FreeAwesome!  You don't have to join 3 different sites to play all these things because FreeAwesome has all of this.  Complete offers to win tokens.  Use your earned tokens to play poker hands, pull the slot machine, or play keno.  Most Lotteries don't require tokens... you can win huge jackpots for FREE! Enter most lotteries daily. (vist FreeAwesome to get the full scoop on their Lotto).

FreeAwesome is not associated with the 3 sites mentioned above this, they are their own site.  We always have fun making some cash at Free Awesome because this is where we come to losen up!  You are not just limited to one 'Casino-Style' game.  FreeAwesome works like other 'get-paid-to' sites & gives you a way to earn extra money through completing hundreds of offers including 3 offer walls & surveys.  Instead of earning straight cash $$$, you are given tokens.  Often, you are over compensated for your work!  The reason they over compensate you  (this just means that they give you more tokens than you would expect to get for each particular offer) is because you are not guaranteed an exact amount of money; instead you play 'Casino-Style' games and win money.  You could complete a simple 'email and zip' submit offer and get 30 tokens.  You could win $.50, $0, or $5.00.  You never know what you will win for each offer.  There are a lot of people that love to either start or end their days with 'Paid-to-Play' sites, like FreeAwesome, because of the fun atmosphere.  Have you ever felt bored and fed up with your favorite GPT site?  If this ever happens just head on over to FreeAwesome and lighten up your mood!

Quick Note: You get FREE TOKENS sent to you by email EVERY DAY!  Usually you get 10 Free Tokens. Yes, FREE TOKENS! (yey!)  So, if you get an email from FreeAwesome (and DON'T WORRY you don't get spammed; you only get emails filled with free tokens!) we suggest you OPEN IT!

FreeAwesome is not associated with the DC Lottery, nor any other State Lottery & makes no claim to support otherwise.

Cash DazzleMommy Moolah, La La Loot, and FreeAwesome are NOT virtual casinos, pay-to-play, pay-to-win, associated with any state lotteries, or any other site that endorses gambling or the like.  CrazyCreditGPT has never, and will never, endorse/advertise virtual casinos (LOL!) so don't get your panties in a bunch!  We do not accept or believe the harsh fate and reality of 'Having to spend money to make money.'  This belief might be the single, most important building block of CrazyCreditGPT!