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                Get Paid for...

1. Watching T.V.

2. Posting in Forums 

3. Listening & Rating Music 

4.  Being Social  

5. Scratching Lottery Tickets

6. Playing Casino Style Games

...and much more!

Our Absolute Favorite 'Everything Else GPT' Site!

TellWut!  Not sure what kinda site this is, GPT, Survey, whatever?? But we do know IT IS AWESOME!  Hmmm.... Maybe we should OFFICIALLY brand a new term - GPTQ - Get Paid To Quiz! 'Cause that's what TellWut is! LOL, now we have become 'Dr. Suess' wanna-be's! Don't worry because we will make mental notes to NEVER rhyme again (womp womp womp)!

TellWut may call themselves a survey site, but you don't answer 'regular' surveys... you get paid to answer 1,2,3, or 4 question quizzes! And they are usually multiple choice!  Crazy, right??

TellWut is able to give their members rewards and incentives by offering researchers, companies, online corportations, and others simple yet highly effective online polling and survey software.  They use this software to gain valueable insight and ideas on products, services, and the like.  TellWut then offers us, the consumers, a way to communicate with others about these products and services through their website.  How to we make money? Easy.  First, register with them by going through the basic sign-up process that we have all gone through before!  Only this time, we don't have to answer a million 'Profile Surveys' because we get paid by telling every one what we think every single time we log in to the website and participate.  TellWut's earning process is so simple, it is almost 'Too good to be true,' but it is so true and so real.  You go through their database of over 2,300 1-4 question quizzes and answer any one you like.  You get paid for each and every answer.  You also get paid for making up your own questions and submitting them to be taken by the members of TellWut.  Also, there are opportunities to take longer (10 questions) surveys offered by the businesses and online companies we discussed earlier.  THAT'S IT!  The only thing left to do is cash in your points!

400 points = 1$ 4,000 = 10$

1) 815 points in 25 minutes = 2.04$ in 25 minutes = 4.90$/hour

2) 505 points in 15 minutes = 1.26$ in 15 minutes = 5.04$/hour    

3) 2,225 points in 65 minutes = 5.56$ in 65 minutes = 6.02$/hour

Quick Tip - If you find yourself running out of 'surveys' to take, just hit the 'Random Survey' button.  You can find this under the 'Next Survey' option AFTER you take a survey and the results pop up.  Or, if you get REALLY frustrated.... just keep hitting the 'Home' tab on their main horizontal menu. TellWut has thousands of these short 'surveys' and it is kinda hard to run out of them..  There are hundreds of these made by members & added every single day.  I can't imagine running out of available surveys, unless of course you spend hours on the site every single day.  If this is the case, try a new/old favorite site for a few days.  Then go back to TellWut and hit the 'Recent' button.  Have fun!

 TellWut's Menu of 2,300 available 'Surveys!'

CrowdTap is another totally unique and different FREE way to earn money online!  It is another community that earns you money by interacting with members and brands, and also has mini quizzes that pay. (Another GPTQ site... LOL!)  The biggest thing that seperates CrowdTap from anything else on the web is the relationships your form with companies & businesses because you participate with the product and services more directly than any other site on the world wide web!  Whether you are holding your own social event to promote a product or service, participating in 'Missions' and 'Actions' that get the word out to thousands of consumers and other businesses, interacting with the community in live chats about your experiences, or simply answering some quizzes about a new product or service, you are directly influencing major brands and corporations in a way that has never been done before.  CrowdTap is truly an innovation in the marketing world.  And in case you were/are wondering - YES this review is entirely unique and personnel, coming only from our own experiences, thoughts, and feelings of CrowdTap... and NOT copied and pasted from their website! This is true about every single word, review, and paragraph on CrazyCreditGPT. Hopefully this will encourage you to visit the site and see, for yourself, how truly awesome it is!!!

So how exactly do you earn money with CrowdTap?  Simple... Give your opinion and even help get the word out while you give your opinion. It is actually more simple to do 'Missions' & 'Actions' with CrowdTap then it is to complete the average survey.  Although registering for and completing surveys from our Top Survey Sites is one of the better (higher paying) ways to legitimately earn free Money Online, CrowdTap enables more interaction and move involvement than just giving your opinion.  Sure, a big part of earning money on CrowdTap is competing extremely short quizzes under the 'Quickhits' section.  In fact, this is the only way to start your experience.  You must 'level up' to make more money (this means to get to a higher level).  But after answering some of these 'Quickhits,' you move on to bigger and better things, like hosting your own parties with free products from huge corporations!  How cool is that?  If you search for 'CrowdTap' in YouTube you will find so many videos that describe them as the coolest company around because of all their product trials.  You will also find video's that tell you that you can earn 50$ every single day, but PLEASE don't listen to these idiots... they are just trying to scam you into signing up for their affiliate links.  Can you quit your job and earn 50$ daily with CrowdTap? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Can you make 50$ a month and pay some bills? ABSOLUTELY YES, WITHOUT A DOUBT, AND WHY THE (BLEEP) NOT!!

Now, obviously, these product parties are not going to happen all the time.  So while you are waiting for these awesome opportunities to come your way (and product trials and brand parties WILL come your way if you show CrowdTap that you are involved and wiling!) other things to earn money include completing lots of 'Actions' and accepting 'Challenges.'  For examlple, you complete 'Web Shares,' which are offered several times a day, that consist of you sharing a YouTube video, comment, or product with your friends on social networks (You do not have to share all the time, either. Instead, you get points for just giving your opinion).  You get even more money if your friends on your social platform share these, too.  Other ones include starting discussions on their forum and participating in other members virtual product parties.  To truly understand and learn more about CrowdTap you should definitely register and check it out, yourself.  You will be amazed at how simple & easy, fun, interactive, and different this website is.  Have a blast and make those pockets fat with CrowdTap!

A lot of us are looking for ways to earn a little extra income, especially now because times are really tough.  This is where Jingit comes in to help the average person make a supplemental online income to pay that pesky bill, put some gas in your car, or just buy yourself a little gift for all the hard work you do.  Jingit is a smart, revolutionary company that pays you to watch advertisement videos and answer extremely small questionnaires immediately after viewing (you actually answer them right on the same screen you watched the video!).  You then instantly get cash $$$ uploaded to your Jingit Visa Card.  It is that easy, yes!!  Don't believe me?  Just watch their commercials.... which are LONGER than the videos you watch for cash!

Sounds Easy, right? It is, we have been paid! This screen shot's sole purpose is to show how easy it is to load money onto your Jingit Visa Debit Card! 

Sign into Jingit---> Watch Video's & Earn 2$----> your 2$ to pay a ONE TIME FEE (not the usual 10$ Fee to use a Visa Debit Card!) for your Jingit Visa Debit Card---> Keep making money by watching videos---> Receive Visa Card within 2 weeks---> Upload money to card!  

Now, something that needs to be talked about is the Jingit Mobile App.  You can make a lot more cash $$$ if you use this mobile app and 'Check-in' when shopping at WalMart!  All you do is go to your app (while you are at WalMart) and then 'Check-in' with your Jingit app to see if you have any available paying check ins. You literally make money just by scanning a product's UPC code! You don't even have to buy the product, just scan the UPC code into your phone and make INSTANT cash $$$!

Okay, so what do you need to join Jingit? They use the latest standards in fraud protection (which protect you, too).  Anyone can join Jingit that meets the following requirements:

  • They have their own a Facebook account
  • They have their own mobile phone with text messaging
  • They live in the United States
  • They must be at least 13 years old (Mothers & Fathers... do your teenagers need extra spending money?  Sign for your kids, because they are under age, and they can earn their own cash, too!)

Okay, now that we have that out of the way (!) let's talk about the good stuff!  Jingit allows it's  members to cash out 10$ maximum for week & 15$ maximum for those who sign up referrals.  This maximum is to make sure that Jingit has enough paid video's for all their members to earn money, so it is actaully a really fair system! Jingit tells you what you are making per hour per video.  For example, if I am watching a 90 second video that pays me .25$, then I am making 10$ hour.  
So, if you log in to Jingit every day and watch some short advertising video's you are bound to make some cash $$$. If you recruit referrals then you are allowed to cash out 15$ per week & 60$ Monthly!  Referrals work like this:  every time you have a referral sign up under your link you get .25$ added to your weekly cash out limit.  If you decide to register for Jingit we highly recommend posting you refferal link on all your social platforms to earn the most money possible!
We absolutely LOVE Jingit and cannot wait until you sign up and love it, too!  Can you get rich watching videos online? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Can you make extra online supplemental income to pay some bills? ABSOLUTELY YES!  So go on & Register, you will have a blast!

Straight From the Horse's Mouth... Please Read to Know About the Latest Plans From Beezag

Dear Beezagger,  

 Over the past few years, we have really changed the face of video advertising. Our overwhelming success has meant that the technology behind Beezag is now being used by many large publishers and will be the reason you unlock content going forward. In order to support this major business growth, we won't be supporting the Beezag product in its current form. We're very excited about the new sites and we'll let you know who they are soon! If you have used Beezag in the past 60 days and have a points balance over 2,000 then please go in and cash out. You'll have until November 1, 2012 to do so.

 Thanks and if you have any questions, mail us at

 Traci - Head of Customer Support.

We Are excited About the New Changes & will NOT Be Taking Down Our Beezag Highlist because they were such an awesome company, and we are looking forward to highlighting their new adventure! Hopefully, Something Will Be Taking their Spot soon!

Earn Money Posting in Forums
We absolutely LOVE Postloop & We know you will, too!  There are thousands, NO millions of websites that promise legitimate, free, quick, & easy cash $$$.  But how many of them can honestly say people are raving about them becasue it is all true?  Sure, there are sites that can say some of it's true, but not many can say all of it is.  Postloop has nothing but wonderful and real reviews from happy people all over the nation, and their popularity is rapidly growing every single day! 

Have you ever blogged or posted on a forum?  Even if your answer is no you can achieve success with Postloop.  They have step by step instructions listed on their site, along with a crazy amount of Q&A on their own blogs and forums posted by other members of Postloop.  And if you would like to know how to guarantee yourself 5$ daily or if you still have problems understanding everything in detail PLEASE shoot us a message
HERE & we'll GIVE YOU A FREE E-BOOK on how to earn cash (detailed, thorough, and easy-to-read guide without crazy 'We'll make you rich' dreams or over-the-top statements/lies!) with Postloop!  We have no doubt that our fans are going to be absolutely thrilled with the way Postloop works!  BUT if you don't have good writing skills (NO, you don't have to be an English Scholar, but you do have to have good grammar and complete sentence structure!), than Postloop might not be for you.  What is the harm in registering and checking it out for yourself? If it's not for you than you have lost nothing because it's 100% FREE (like every other website on CrazyCreditGPT).  Postloop is made up of hundreds of loyal forums and blogs that need people, like you, to start interesting comments or contribute to discussions.  You are guaranteed to find forum/blog topics that interest you and encourage thought-provoking replies  or threads.  You are actually making a nice supplemetal income for doing something you already do daily, posting on your favorite forums and/or blogs! As an added plus you can receive bonus points (virtual $$$) when forum/blog owners like and appreciate your writing and/or style!  Your earnings can be cashed out at just 5$ daily and are almost instant.  Don't wait untl the last minute because Postloop is truly a wonderful and legitimate supplemental income opportunity!

The very respected and trustworthy company, Slicethepie, has come a long way since 2007!  For 5 years they have been paying their members faithfully, gaining a very nice reputation in the 'Get Paid To' world.  But slicethepie is, first, an opportunity for unsigned artists to populate and mainstream their music.  CrazyCreditGPT loves and respects any company that endorses artists and gives them much needed incentives and inspiration to keep making beautiful music.  And, of course, we absolutely LOVE companies that give back to the consumers and slicethepie definitely gives back!  You can cash out your earnings at 10$ which is VERY easily made weekly, if not more!

YouTube Video Uploaded by 3rd Party

Video has a simple explanation of the Basics of slicethepie

Slicethepie has a very simple system that makes earning money a snap!  If you watch the YouTube video up top you can see what your dashboard, 'Scout,' looks like.  To start earning music all you do is click on the link (or top banner) and answer the 4 or 5 questions.  You should immediately be taken to your dashboard to start reviewing music. If not just click on 'Scout.'  *VERY IMPORTANT* Make sure to sign up with the same email you use for PayPal, or you will not be able to get paid.  There are levels and rankings to earn, each giving you higher pay and more opportunities to earn.  You get paid based on how well you review a song.  The pay starts out at .02$, but I HAVE NEVER heard of anyone getting less than a .07$ review for a non-anonymous song.  You get more per review for anonymous artists and these pay you at least .15$.  You also get more money once you earn levels and rankings.  You will get very low payments (.02$) if you only leave one sentence reviews, don't use descriptive adjectives, give 'un-even' reviews, or simply do not have good English writing skills.  You don't have to live in the US to join, but you absolutely MUST have a PayPal account and good skill & knowledge of the English language.  Over all, out of ALL THE EARNING OPPORTUNITES listed on this page, Slicethepay has the highest earning potential (actually, it is tied with Postloop!).  We say this because the very first day we signed up we made over 8$ in less than 90 minutes!  Now mind you, this was BEFORE we earned higher levels and rankings and we were getting paid the very minimum!  Also, we stopped at around 90 minutes because we moved onto something else and, as we have mentioned in earlier articles, working non-stop without breaks is very hard on you and can be extremely annoying!

Slicethepie is almost 'too good to be true!'  Your first time signing up you can, literally, earn 5$ - 10$ in your fiirst session!  The trick is to listen to each song for at least 2-3 minutes (the requirement is 90 seconds, but then your 'Energy' level gets too high and you cannot review until your 'Energy' level refeshes!) before hitting the 'Next' button to keep reviewing.  It is best to use descriptive language, such as adjectives/phrases like great beat, catchy, good melody, sounds like a hit, and so on & so on.  You should always tell the truth.  Just because your review doesn't give them an excellent rating does not mean you will not get paid .20$+ on your first levels of reviews!  If you don't like a song just make sure you still use descriptive adjectives/phrases such as too much bass, simple lyrics, harsh melody, vulgar language, distasteful lyrics, and so on & so on.  These are just some examples of the thousands of descriptions you can add to your reviews.  The whole point is to give HONEST and THOROUGH reviews and of each and every song.  Artist, and the like, pay for your thoughts and feelings about their songs and they want you to be honest.  Slicethepie rewards you for your honesty and you will be surprised at the amount of money you can earn with great and detailed reviews!  Not only will you earn an extra 10$+ weekly but your review could be featured.  Who knows, maybe your review will put a great, big smile on the next Rock Star!

"We help musicians and songwriters get deals and to get feedback from professionals who want to help them succeed. We help them access the gatekeepers in a way that makes it rewarding for both parties."

MusicXRay Their heart and soul is centered in the music industry, enabling musicians and songwriters to thrive and succeed.  This massive amount of dedication and belief in their mission would not be possible without the appreciated help of fans....and this is where you, and I, come in!  CrazyCreditGPT has so much admiration for this company and all that they do, and you should, too!  You can show them by participating in this FREE process and get paid cash $$$ at the same time!  MusicXRay has been around for a few years now so they have established themselves as being trustworthy, sincere, and eager to please.  This is not a scam and they will always pay you.  Proof of how honest they are is all over their site.  How can you tell they are a legitimate company by viewing their stie?  Easy, just look at their invested involvement in the music industry!  MusicXray is a beloved source of help and advertising for dedicated musicians and artists.  They are very involved in helping these people get discovered, and one way for them to do this effectively is to involve fans, like you, by paying each and every one for their attention.  If they didn't pay members & started to lack professionalism they would end up hurting the musicians.  So, do you understand why they are trustworthy? Watch their short informational video to get the 'bigger picture.'

Don't get discouraged by the average amount paid for each review!  Remember you get several and your earnings inrease the longer you are active and the more bades you receive!  Besides, when is the last time you got cash $$$ for listening to music?  MusicXRay benefits everyone. If you love music, especially new and fresh tracks by unsigned artists, than registration and membership for MusicXRay will be crazy easy.  Shortly after joining you will receive your first 'focus group' and be rewarded with cash $$$ in your account!  *PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE OR YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE ANY FOCUS GROUPS* A 'focus group' is their way of saying 'a review of a song.'  The faster you get to your 'focus group' inbox the more you earn.  They're on a first come first serve basis so get to your inbox before someone else listens to the song!  Plus, the earning potential is absolutely & amazingly limitless! Earn a 'Badge' for completing more 'Focus Groups' and double your original earnings with every badge!  You also earn badges for gaining referrals.  There are 7 'Badges' to earn/work towards to more than triple your over all income! And don't worry, the first few badges aren't impossible, like other sites!  We highly recommend signing up for MusicXray, you'll have a blast... & who knows, maybe you'll review the next 'Big Star!' 

*Video was made over 2 years ago, and the navigations have slighly changed, along with the incentives (they are still great!).  Just know that you still earn for going to 'Jenny's TickBuck Blog.' Make sure to comment on there every single day & watch your earnings explode!*

You are going to absolutely LOVE Sidetick!  CrazyCreditGPT would be so selfish if we did not share this 'Everything else GPT' site with you... but we dedided to share our big secret, even though we almost didn't... LOL  Seriously, you earn money for everything you do on the site, and we mean everything! Don't get mad at us for not explaining in detail everything about this site that earns you tickbucks (virtual money).The reason for us not teaching you these things is because you will actually make a lot of money learning it yourself. What does that even mean???  It means that every single time you click on something, whether it be a menu, a drop down menu choice, a page change, a comment on one of their blogs, clicking a button that takes you to someone else's profile, etc. , you get tickbucks that convert into cash $$$. This means that if you want to learn more about this amazing site than you have to register, first.  Then you will have to search and click around the entire site looking for explanations of what to do that will earn you money.  While you are doing this make sure to look at your tickbucks counter that is located on the top right of every page.  Your tickbucks amount will keep getting larger and larger!Don't worry because I am going to explain the basics.  But first, you should watch this short video, it will help you understand a lot more!

If you read the left sidebar, you know to visit 'Jenny's TickBuck Blog' every single day.  This is located under Home ---> under your TickBucks Dashboard ---> 4th green button labeled 'Jenny's TickBuck Blog.'  Click on this and you should be able to comment daily & watch your TickBucks counter skyrocket!  Sidetick is actually a social platform, kinda like Facebook and YouTube combine, but not as popular, LOL.  You will have blast interacting with people because you get paid while you are chatting and uploading/watching videos!  You get paid for making your profile, updating your profile, uploading video's to your video channel, uploading video's to your profile, watching other people's profile & channel videos, creating your own blogs and discussions, commenting on other people's blogs and discussions, etc... What cracks us up about Sideticks is you log in, go through the site to try and find other ways to make money, talk to other people, find hilarious videos, get advice about your boyfriend, or just have a great time...and you earned 5$ without even trying!  Also, earn even more money (a Good 2 tier referral program) by getting your friends, family, and anyone else who wants to have fun while making cash $$$ to sign up using your referral link.  You can tell your friends that you found a new social platform for hanging out and you all make money while chatting and exchanging videos with eachother.  We're stopping here!  We're not giving you any more information (and there is SO MUCH MORE to this site!) about SIdetick because, like we mentioned earlier, you actually get paid for clicking all over over the place and learning how to use the site yourself! 

Oh, and before we forget, Sidetick also has a FREE online T.V./movie channel where you can watch live T.V. and movies online.  It's under Home--->TickBucks Dashboard--->  Also, there is a GREAT, AWESOME money-making program called Cash 2 Sit, and it's all about earning money through advertising.  It's totally, 100% free and wil also earn you money.  Everything is 100% totally free and legit on CrazyCreditGPT!

Check out Sidetick to make extra money to pay bills, pay old school debts off, back-to-school clothes for your kids (or college clothes for yourself!), and anything else....while having a BLAST on a great social platform.  They have been around for ovger 3 years now and are trustworthy.  Go ahead, do something rewarding for yourself...for a change!

WOW!  We GUARANTEE that you have NEVER used a site like this to earn FREE, legitimate, & easy Cash $$$!  Maybe you played virtual lottery scratch ticket games for fake virtual money to just have some fun, or maybe you even used a site to scratch off virtual lottery tickets for er, um, eeehhh....some nickles and dimes!  LOL.   But you never completed offers to have REAL Lottery Scratch Tickets mailed to your house.  Now you can say that you have with Get Scratchers, the get-paid-to-scratch site! Earning money has never been more exciting and fun.  So, how exactly does this site work?  Let's go over it...

1.) Click on the banner/link and register for Get Scratchers

2.) Open your confirmation email to earn money!  They don't tell you that you HAVE TO confirm your membership, but IF you do this they instantly put points in your account.

3.) Go through the site, look through offers, & just get a general feeling for how the site works.

3.) Find an offer you feel is easy enough for you to complete, or one that pays a lot and looks tempting! Complete it (don't forget to follow our How to complete offers guide & use the 30+ tips to guarantee credit for all your offers. 

4. Clear your cookies/cache under your browser --->Tools--->History--->Clear History.  If you don't already know, this clears all internet/computer cookeis that could be distracting companies from reading your offer completion history.  This helps you get credit and ultimately get paid.

5. Earn 250 points (sooooo easy, they pay A LOT per offer!) to get your first lottery scratcher.  Go to --->Account--->Redeem for Scratchers button

6. Confirm your mailing address

7. Receive scratchers in your mailbox!

8. They are REAL lottery tickets!  Scratch them like you would normally scratch a lottery ticket & get your cash!

9. Mail the winning tickets to the right place because there are two different places you redeem your winnings based on your amount of winnings (under 100$ & over 100$).

10.  Receive cash (check) in your mailbox in 7 days!!

How easy is that?  We wanted to explain it fully so everyone could understand how you actually get your money.  Hopefully they will make a how-to-video soon, but they have been around for almost 2 years, now, so maybe they won't (womp womp womp).

Also, they have an amzing support team and GREAT Terms of Service.  Usaully you don't hear that in reviews, but CrazyCreditGPT thoroughly checks out everything about a site before posting it for our we're a little wierd :)  Get Scratchers TOS states: 

"IF a Rewards Parner refuses to honor a Reward to a member for any reason, other than the suspicion of theft/fraud, Get Scratchers sole obligation will be to Credit the Account of the Member for the number of Get Scratchers Points that were to be redeemed for the Reward."

WHAAATTTT?? We have never seen that before! That is absolutely amazing because they are saying they will give you the amount you were supposed to be credited for.  GUARANTEED CREDIT, RIGHT THERE! You absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for Get Scratchers!!

Want to find other crazy good websites that pay you to sign up for stuff, surf the web, and much more for FREE?  Visit Top GPT Sites Now!


Visit Crazy Videos, Slots, & More for a Secret Paid to Play Site that gives you
10 FREE Tokens Everyday to Win Cash $$$!

Get Paid to Play Casino Style games!

Earn FREE Pulls on the Slots w/ Registration! 

Earn FREE Spins on the Wheel w/ Registration!

Earn extra income to pay the bills with these sister sites that put a fun spin on the classic GPT site!   Traditional GPT sites reward you with cash $$$ for completing offers.  La La Loot and Cash Dazzle reward you with FREE 'Casino Style' slot pulls and wheel spins.  The amount of spins/pulls are extremely over-compensated to guarantee a fair system.  For example, a GPT site rewards you with a definitive amount of money, while these 'get-paid-to-play' sites reward you with definitive amounts of spins/pulls; however, the amount of cash you actually receive can dramatically differ from offer to offer (depending on what you land on).  So, actually, you are getting rewarded with several chances to earn different amounts of money.  So, let's pretend that a traditional GPT 'Name & Zip Submit' offer rewards you with .55$.  The very same offer on La La Loot would, instead, earn you 18 pulls of the slot machine!  You could land on .05$ or you could land on 5$ (and remember, you have 18 chances!)  Many people prefer these 'Casino Style' rewards and have a absolute blast!  While they are sister sites, you cannot transfer spins/pulls from one site to the other.  You may not transfer money either.  Both have great support teams and are trusted by thousands of people.  

Please do not confuse Cash Dazzle and La La Loot with virtual casinos!  CrazyCreditGPT has never, and will never, endorse/advertise virtual casinos (LOL!), so don't get your panties in a bunch!  We do not accept the harsh fate and reality of 'Having to spend money to make money.'  This belief might be the single, most important building block of CrazyCreditGPT!

HitPredictor is another 'Paid to Review Music' site.  What makes HitPredictor different from the other 'Paid to Review Music' sites on Everything Else GPT is there unreal and crazy contests!  They send you insane contests and raffles through email and also hold a ton on their social platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.  We, at CrazyCreditGPT, have already won one contest that was sent to our email account.  This was the contest we won and the actual email that was sent to our inbox (and yes, it is RIDICULOUSLY EASY! You might laugh at how easy it is...):

**Hey Music Lover... 

Have we got a deal for you!

Click the link below and rate 5 songs.

The first 40 members to do so before Friday, Sep 14, 2012 at midnight EDT will receive an Amazon e-card valued at $5.

It's that simple!**

AND WE WON! All we had to do was click the link that took us to the HitPredictor website and rate 5 songs. The very next day we got an email telling us that we had just won a $5 Amazon Gift and we received our gift about 2 hours later! How crazy is that? AND THEY SEND THESE OUT A LOT!

Just like the image taken directly from their website says, be the first in the world to hear the hottest new songs and get gifts for rating them! How cool is that?  You get points for every single song you rate on their website.  You then take those points and cash them in for gifts, which are usually music CD's and a lot of other stuff that has to do with music. You can also get raffle tickets.  If you Google HitPredictor you will find lots and lots of people that have hundreds of dollars from HitPredictor from their raffles.

Some of you might be saying "Oh.  So I don't make actual money? Why would even join this site?"  Okay, well here's our argument...

1. If you read the paragraph to the left you would of read about thier crazy and insane contests and raffles.  It is so unbelievably easy to win 5$ in Amazon cash.  Really, it's that easy!  All you have to do is check your email or LIKE their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter!

2. How expensive is it to legally download music??  It's certainly NOT cheap!  This way, you can music for FREE by simply reviewing your favorite tracks and artists!

So, if you still have doubts then ask yourself this:  Will it hurt you to try?  Will it hurt you to sign up and see how long it takes you to get a $5 Amazon Gift? NO.  So Visit HitPredictor Now!