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I'm going NUTS!  Instant/Daily cash out GPT Sites DON'T CREDIT offers... WHY?

Monthly GPT Sites CREDIT offers much better... WHY?

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...why these tips are so important for instant and daily GPT sites

This cannot be stressed enough. Eventually these steps will become second nature.  If you completely and thoroughly understand and learn how to use these tips and tricks you will master the art of crediting GPT offers.  Anyone who has used GPT sites to supplement their incomes will tell you their biggest problem is, and always will be, getting their offers to credit.  Time after time GPT sites complain that their advertisers and third-party organizations are to blame for non-crediting offers.  This is (partially) true; however, it is the responsibility of the site to make available only high-quality, high-crediting, reliable parties to list these offers on their pages.

offers that don't credit: instant/daily cash out gpt sites

offers that do credit: monthly cash out 
gpt sites

There are several reasons why you want to throw your computer out the window or pull out all of your hair while *attempting* to complete offers on Instant/Daily Cash-Out GPT Sites and they don't credit which results in you not getting paid for your work.  One of the most influential reasons for this is lack of resources.  NOT all offers credit on auto-pilot.  There are a boat load of offers that require 'Manual Credit.'  This means that an actual person (a physical human being) must go through and check the offer you just 'supposedly' completed. There are thousands of offers that these actual people have to go through. Remember, GPT sites pay you out of their own profits so this means that the 'Manually Credited' offers are reviewed carefully.  The rest of the offers are credited by computers, automated softwares, etc.  Technology is not always correct &  computers/software screw up just like humans screw up.

So what does all this mean?  It means sometimes people and computers make mistakes.  Sometimes tracking (cookies, cache, etc.) is screwed up and/or wrong. Sometimes there are not enough people to cover the amount of offers that need reviewed.  Stuff get(s) messed up, sloppy, forgotten about, misplaced, and things don't get done correctly.  It's sucks and it happens all the time.  Most 'Instant Cash Out' GPT sites, with the exception of Cashle and Zoombucks (and the rest of the instant/daily Top GPT Sites that Credit on CCGPT!), do not screen their third-parties well enough . . . or they are simply money hungry and do not care about the quality of their offers.  All this only inspires us to help out.  We have made it so easy and so step-by-step for you it is almost as if the GPT sites DO make all things easy and free!  And Yes, Cashle (2.50$ Bonus) and Zoombucks are 2 daily cash out sites that actually credit completed offers!  They have set a new standard for all daily cash out GPT Sites.

Sites that only cash out monthly ALWAYS CREDIT ALL THE TIME.  Now, obviously nothing in this world is 100% Guaranteed and Perfect... but sometimes things can sure come close and this is one of those tings!  I don't EVER remember a time when an offer CCGPT completed (on a Monthly Cash-Out GPT) DIDN'T credit and pay us for our work.  Honestly!

You might notice that every once in a while it will take a whole week to get credit for a certain offer! This doesn't happen often but it does happen.  The reason is because of the 'Manual Crediting' that we discussed earlier.  Remember when we said that stuff gets lost and isn't correctly handled?  NOT MONTHLY GPT SITES!  Monthly cash-out GPT sites will, eventually, get to your offer and 'manually credit' it.  It might take a week but it will get done!  Also, if something is an 'Automatically Credited' offer the staff will take notice of the delayed credit or lack thereof.  They will check constantly for you and even call attention to the companies/businesses/sites that advertise the offer.  This, also, will take some time but is extremely effective in making sure you get paid for doing the offer!

Sites that Cash-Out Monthly and always credit your offers include InboxPays (5$ Bonus & .60$ every single day free just for opening 4 emails every single day!), CashCrate (1$ Bonus, Infamous GPT Site), Inbox Dollars (5$ Bonus) & their sister-site, Send Earnings (Send Earnings was seen on ABC'S Good Morning America News Show!!) (5$ Bonus), and Snap Dollars (5$ Bonus).  There's also Treasure Trooper, which is BOTH a monthly and Instant cash-out GPT site.  Confusing?? Well, the Instant option is ONLY available for Verified PayPal accounts (which are not hard at all to get! Just link your PayPal account to any one of your bank accounts and BAZAAM, your verified!  Another site is CashGrab which is a bi-weekly (every other week) cash-out GPT site.  These 2 sites fall into the same category of *Always giving credit for your completed offers*  For extra detailed information on all these monthly cash-out sites that credit visit Top GPT Sites That Credit.

30+ tips & tricks
to credit all your GPT offers

.... and make this process a little less stressfull!
we know it looks like a lot - but it will become like second nature!

1. Allow all cookies to be stored on your computer.  Companies need to know that you are completing these offers.  Also, some companies that run offers are connected in some way, and some are even the same company with different names.  If you don't clear your cookies companies see you as someone who has already been credited!  If you do not know how to do this follow these steps.

   1.) Click on TOOLS (picture of a tool circle in the top left corner of your browser page)
    2.) Click on INTERNET OPTIONS (usually second to last option from bottom)
    3.) Click on the PRIVACY tab
    4.) Push the button all the way down to the bottom of the line until it says ACCEPT ALL COOKIES
    5.) Click OKAY.  Do not worry about having your cookies enabled.  You will be clearing them constantly in the next step.

*Little Reminder: Make sure NOT to have these settings when NOT filling out offers.  Default settings don't include 'allowing all cookies' for a good reason, it could be dangerous on parts of the web.

2. Before you do your first offer of the day, always clear your cookies.  Clearing your cookies is very simple and you need to do this plenty of times through out the day, so please familiarize yourself with it.  If you do not know how to clear your cookies follow these steps for Internet Explorer.


     .1.) Click on TOOLS (picture of a tool circle in the top left corner of your browser page)

     2.) Click on INTERNET OPTIONS (usually second to last option from bottom)

    3.) Under the GENERAL tab (should be the first tab already opened) you will click on the DELETE button in the middle of the page.  It is located under BROWSING HISTORY.

      4.) Check the COOKIES option.  Also check the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES.  

   5.) Click DELETE.  Then click OK.  You have successfully cleared all cookies.  These two checked options should stay checked.  This means that you do not have to check them every single time you want to click the delete button to clear these. 

3. After every single offer you do, clear your cookies.  It will become an automatic reaction for you to do this after you do it a few times.  Clearing cookies makes it possible for the company to only track what you completed for that offer, so the company can credit you for that offer.  If you keep doing offers without clearing your previous cookies, companies will not be able to track your specific offer they want to credit you for.

4. Always use your real information, such as your name, address, and email.  If an advertising company or GPT site finds out that you are not using your real info, they will terminate you.  This also means that you have to say goodbye to ALL you hard earned income you made from the GPT site!  And do not think you can give them bogus email accounts.  If you do this the email sent out by the business advertising the offer will have no where to go and it will bounce back to the company and they will find out...IT CAN & WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

5. You need to have several email accounts.  Having one email is not going to cut it in the GPT industry.  There are several free email services available to you and I suggest you get a membership at every single one possible.  Try to use similar, if not the exact same, addresses so you do not get confused.  You should also use the same passwords for every single GPT site you sign up for. This guarantees you will never forget a password to ANY site because all your sites end up having the same exact password.  I DO NOT SUGGEST using the same password that you use for all your GPT sites as your password for your online money accounts like PayPal, AlertPay, Payza, etc... .  Be smart, people!  

Pssssstt. (Come closer, I have a secret...)
Hit Alt+ -----> it ticks all the 'NO' boxes

6.  I highly recommend getting a google email (gmail) because it allows you to put a period (.) in between your address.  This allows you to have an unlimited amount of 'original/unique' emails for several different offers. For example:  yournamehere123 ( can also be y.ourna.mehere1.23 or or yournameher.e123, etc.  After a about a month or so you should change your email names.  This way you always have different and unique emails so companies can credit you for doing new offers.  This does not mean you can repeat an offer just because you have a new email address.  It only means you can complete new offers that become available by a company you did previous offers for with the old email addresses.  Also make sure that you do not give these GPT sites your primary email account.  If you do give them your most precious account it will be filled with junk and spam the very next day.  This is also why it is absolutely imperative that you have several email accounts because quite a few of them will primarily be junk mail accounts.

7.  Another email account you should register for is  GMX lets you make multiple email addresses from one email address. For example, you can make the email, then go to the settings and create 9 other emails so you have,, and so on.  When you are in your account, click the wrench (settings) icon in the upper right.  A box will pop-up.  Click add GMX emails on the left hand side.  Another box will pop-up that allows you to add 9 more GMX emails. It is easier to just add numbers or letters to the end of the main account name, as seen above.  This makes it very simple to keep track of all your 'unique' email addresses.  And NO... my personal email is not Igetchicks@blahblahblah...

8. Get in the habit of making new emails every other month, or so.  The reason for this is because some companies keep track of all their used emails and this could mean your old email.  Remember, some offers ran by different companies are actually divisions of the same, larger company.  This means a 'so-called' new offer could just be a company that already has your information that is associated with your old email.

9.  Download a tool called Mozilla Thunderbird.  This is an absolutely wonderful program for storing and organizing all your seperate/different email accounts.  This makes your life so much easier when completing GPT offers because you don't have to keep logging into different accounts when completing (and confirming) offers.  You will thank me later...

10.  Internet Explorer has lower security in the cookie department.  It stores more cookies, thus making offers a lot easier to credit.  I have heard and read about several people swearing by Mozilla Firefox regarding browsers that allow offers to credit better; however, in theory Internet Explorer is just smarter.  You can also use Google Chrome in stealth mode (why not??).

11. A lot of offers tell you to only enter your email and name.  Most of the time these offers do not credit.  If you want these seemingly easy offers to credit, you should ALWAYS do a little more than just that.  Fill out the form on the next page and click submit.  Then let the next page load and sit for about a minute.  This should do the trick.  To be gut wrenching honest, I have to tell you that if you want 100% odds of getting credit for these offers...then you should definitely complete the offer all the way to the end.  Yes, you have to go through the path and tick 'Pass,' or 'No Thanks,' or 'Skip' to all the spammy 'bonus offers'  until you reach the end page (which usually says 'Congratulations' or something to that effect).

12.  A lot of offers require you to choose 2 or more offers on 'the path' during the offer. You should always click on more than 2.  These offers will open a new browser window and you do not have to complete them, just let the pages load fully & then go back to the main offer page. You do not have to do every single offer that is in the path.  Just tick 'Skip,' or 'Pass,' or 'No Thanks' and move on.  Then make sure you get to the last page.  You want to check the URL of the pages to see if it stays the same offer.  If the URL has changed, then you went off the path...or you completed the path and did more than you should of!  It never hurts to do more!  Point being, always do a little more than the offers requires you to do.  It only takes one more minute.

13.  After every offer is completed leave the page open for a couple of minutes.  This gives the company that is crediting your offer enough time to track your presence.  

14.  Always let all of the pages load fully and count to 5 before going onto the next page.  Stop crying, this won't kill you...

15. Always glimpse at the address bar during completion of offers.  If you think that the offer has changed and seems different then the one you originally started, check the address bar and URL because you might of started to complete a pop-up offer by mistake.  If you do not see the offer name in the address bar, you have definitely gone off course.  Just minimize the pop-up and the original offer should appear underneath.  If it is not there, just click on the offer again from the GPT site.  

16. *HOT TIP* *This One Always Works!*  Leave any pop-ups open that appear while completing offers because it helps with the tracking cookies.  If pop-ups appear just minimize them and keep completing original offer.  You DO NOT have to fill in the pop-ups!  Delete them after you submit your offer (you should keep these open, too, for a little while to guarantee credit of the offer).

17.  Do not race through the offers too fast.  Companies see this and think that you are not looking at what they have to offer completely, or you are just filling in random information.  If you use auto fill, just take your time.  When doing a survey make sure you do not rush through the survey.  The survey company needs to be confident that your answers and truthful and relevant to the product.  They will actually put trick questions in the survey to make sure you are reading every word and not just clicking options to get through it.  Think about do you think products become what they are today?  With people's opinions and thoughts on the product!   Personally I find it cool when I know what a future product is going to look, sound, or feel like before the general population does.  Please take your time and Breathe!!

18. Here is my advice for high paying 'trial' offers.  READ THE FINE PRINT.  Let me repeat myself, only this time nice and slow.              READ              THE              FINE              PRINT.                 Your credit card will be billed monthly for these trial offers (if you do not cancel them) because more than likely you signed up for a continuing membership that keeps your credit card on file (those bastards).  Go to the store and purchase a prepaid credit card, or do one of the high paying offers requiring you to get a prepaid credit card mailed to your house (bonus money...kill two birds with one stone!), and only do the high paying offers that require you to only make a one time purchase.  You can and will find them.  If you want to do the trial offers make sure you record and write down all details of your trial offer in your notebook.  Then cancel the membership when the time requirements are met for the GPT site that gave you the trial offer.  This is probably one of the most important tips on this list.  I feel bad for the people that did not take the time to read it.

19. *HOT TIP* The biggest mistake made by most people is not knowing when to 'slow-it-down.'  Too many people often rush to complete several offers back to back, thinking that this will generate the most cash.  This is by far the most damaging behavior and mind set that a GPT/Survey entrepreneur can have!  Do NOT do more than 3 offers in a row.  I suggest doing 2 offers in a timely matter.  Then relax, maybe go to another site and take a survey (a great site for surveys is QUICKREWARDS because they pay you through PayPal instantly for every single survey!).  Then go back after 20 minutes and do 2 more offers, repeating this process as long as you wish.  This is how YOU WILL generate the most cash in one sit down.

Pssssstt. (Come closer, I have a secret)
I'm sure you have completed 'spammy' offers that tell you to
1. continue through the 'offer path' till you reach the end, or 2. continue through & 'say yes' to 2 or more offers in the 'path,' etc.  Most 'paths' or fake 'surveys' have YES/NO boxes.  Look closer & you'll see Asterisks (*).  You only have to tick the YES/NO box for offers w/ Asterisks(*)! Leave the other boxes empty!

20.  Keep track of all your offers so you don't repeat them on several sites.  Not only will you be banned from several sites for doing this but you won't get these offers credited and you won't even get credit for the original offer first done.  Also keep track of all the sites you belong to.  Just use that notebook I told you to buy and write down every single site you belong too.  I suggest labeling the sites in certain groups/categories such as 'Monthly Cash Out,' and 'Instant Cash Out,' and 'My Favorites,' etc... .  Another way to do this is through a site called GPT Tracker.  It has a lot of sites listed, mostly daily payout sites...but I have to be honest...almost every single site that is listed on GPT Tracker comes from the same exact site template.  If you have already searched the internet for instant cash out GPT sites, then you know what I am talking about here.  CrazyCreditGPT only has 3 sites that use this exact template because they are actually really good, thorough, paying, sites.  However, I personally dislike the other thousand GPT sites that use the same exact template and are listed on GPT Tracker.  I'm just saying...

21. Do Not Use Cell Phones To Complete Offers.  You will NEVER get credit for these.

22.  Radium One Offer Walls credit Unusally Well! From our own experience, these offers credit quickly and very, very often. More and more GPT sites are adding Radium One offer walls everyday, so keep checking back with your Favorite GPT site if they don't already have this Offer Wall.

23.  Several offers require you to submit your email address.   This could be for several reasons including general registration requirements, opt-in for e-zine newsletter, or confirmation of registration.  Every time you submit your email address during any offer it is very important that you check your email for a confirmation link from the company/site that supplied the offer.  Many offers require you to 'confirm your registration' by clicking on the link that was sent to you in an email.  A lot of GPT sites usually list specific requirements to achieve credit for most offers; however, on occasion they leave out this crucial requirement!  In this case you must be smarter than said GPT site...and always check your email(s) for confirmation a link.  Open the email and click on confirmation link to ensure proper credit.  Then sit back and laugh at the GPT site that 'mistakenly' left this important step out of the process.

24. Be patient. Some offers can take 1-3 days to credit, and some only take ten minutes.  Once I had an offer credit after 3 weeks...but that is very, very rare for free offers.  Usually bigger paying offers have a cap on them.  This means that the GPT site waits a couple weeks to credit you because they are monitoring your activity with the completed offer, example:  You downloaded a gaming software.  The requirements for credit included playing games for 2 weeks and keeping the software installed without deleting it.  If you complete the requirements you get credit after the 2 weeks.  Some offers can take even longer while some offers are instant. You just never know until you get the credits.

25. Don't complete a lot of offers for the same advertiser at once. For example, if you complete an Arcamax offer, don't do another Arcamax offer immediately after the first one. Instead go to a Free Choices, Quality Health, or any other offer.  After doing a couple more offers, you can go back and complete another Arcamax offer.  

26. If you absolutely insist on doing offers by the same advertiser back to back, then use 'unique' and different emails.  Doing one after another from the same advertiser using the same email address makes them null and void and they won't credit. 

28. Be patient. Some offers can take 1-3 days to credit, and some only take ten minutes.  Once I had an offer credit after 3 weeks...but that is very, very rare for free offers.  Usually bigger paying offers have a cap on them.  This means that the GPT site waits a couple weeks to credit you because they are monitoring your activity with the completed offer, example:  You downloaded a gaming software.  The requirements for credit included playing games for 2 weeks and keeping the software installed without deleting it.  If you complete the requirements you get credit after the 2 weeks.  Some offers can take even longer while some offers are instant. You just never know until you get the credits.

29.  Use only one computer to complete offers!  Using computers at public places like schools, work, and even libraries, will increase your chance of not getting credited because someone else might have used that computer to complete the same offers. You should only use your home computer, laptop or tower - basically the one you use most often, with your own Internet connection and IP address.  I have heard of people getting banned and/or blacklisted from GPT/Survey sites because of sharing computers for offers 

30.  *IMPORTANT FOR VERIZON INTERNET USERS*  This isn't so much a tip to credit offers, but more a really important tip/fact for users of Verizon and Verizon Fios Internet.  If you are a customer of Verizon you might be banned and blacklisted as a cheater.  When this happens, GPT sites most always give you an explanation for this status, and in this case it would be that you are a proxy user.  If they label you a cheater without giving you any explanation, you now know this is the reason.  Almost All Verizon IP addresses have a proxy attached to them to speed up internet browsing, so  when you send and reserve info it goes through a proxy (or at least your IP is marked as having one).  According to Proxstop all Verizon users have an ATM (this is just a rating used to mark IP's for proxy use.  The ratings are 0 - 5, 0 meaning no proxy use) of 1 and it should stay there, unless of course you really ARE using proxies or a VPN.  There is nothing you can do in this situation.  If a GPT or Survey Site