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who doesn't (usually)

who does

We get many comments and questions from disgruntled fans, friends, and family about surveys and how to qualify for surveys.  Although each and every target audience is dramitcally different from the next,   The Million Dollar question remains: Do you fit the demographics?  Remember, just because you don't fit the 'target audience' for one survey DOES NOT mean your demographics are not absolutely perfect for the next one.  And if you DON'T fit the demographics... are you prepared to live a lie? Keep reading to find out who usually doesn't qualify.

We know several fans, friends, and family who have learned to work online for free at their favorite Top Survey Sites.  Endless conversation (NOT about the actual surveys, of course) and countless 'Trial & Error' has lead to at least one definitive conclusion: Certain factors lead to more qualifications. Please note: If you decide to lie in order to fit these qualifications the odds of being caught are stacked against you.  Besides, how long can you keep up with your 'made up' existence? Keep reading to find out which demographics are usually good to brag about in the survey business.

Any Employment in Marketing (including research)

Any Employment relating to the Healthcare Industry (including professional and/or nutritional)

Any Employment involving Media (including T.V. & radio broadcast, print, etc.) and/or Public Relations

Any Employment involving the Advertising Industry

Any Employment in the Food/Bevarage Industry (including manufacturing & distributing)

Inconsistent answers (basically, lying.  Example: If you answered 'Healthcare field' in your demographics but answered 'None of the above' when asked about your occupation... but healthcare was in the options)

Rushing through the survey (competed in 12 minutes when average time was 26 minutes), AND/OR Wrong Answers to 'Trick' questions b/c of rushing.  Example: You were told to 'tick box all the way to right' and you ticked all the way to the left.

Simple Demographics are, probably, the most popular reasons for being disqualified.  Examples: You were not male or female, you were not the desired age, your household income was too low/high, etc.

Being a Woman

Head of household/Making all the decisions.  Example: Having most authority over what the buy on shopping trips

Traveling frequently.  Using plane/hotel/rental cars for trips (often international trips help, too)

Being a parent

Being a parent to babies/toddlers.  Being a parent to 12/13+.  Example: Newborn up to 36 months, then 12-18

Being pregnant or having a spouse that is pregnant OR just giving birth OR planning on becoming pregnant or planning for your spouse's pregnancy

Having decision-making authority in your place of employment

Ownership of material things/property.  Example: An Insurance company is targeting home owners.  An automobile manufacturer is targeting adults who are looking to buy/own a truck.

Investments/Bank Accounts/Retirement Funds/Mortgages and/or any type of accumulated money

Do you want to enjoy taking surveys a little more? Follow these BIG Tips!

Relax! You don't have to take survey after survey, one qualification after the other... you can slow it down. You can take one survey, maybe even two surveys. Then take a break! Besides, it just feels like 'Work... Ugghhh' when you pile them up!  Then, when you are good and ready, get back on your computer, tablet, etc... and make some cash!  If you haven't already found them yet, take a look at our Top Surveys.

Take surveys when you can! Find the right times when you taking one be such a 'chore,' like after breakfast or before dinner.  Remember, taking a survey is a 15 minute break when you get to make money!  And, it's a time you can have to YOURSELF!  There's no kids, no parents, no dishes to be done... just some extra cash for giving your honest opinion!

interactive sessions, focus groups, & more: how to get high paying invitations

How to Make Money Taking Surveys; Get Your High Paying Invitations NOW!

The amount of money you make depends on how much time you spend completing cash generating activities.  Your overall earned income not only depends on time spent completing actual surveys, but it also depends on the extra high paying online focus groups, online interactive sessions, in person focus groups, & exclusive high paying surveys that you do.  These extra & very high paying activities are usually only given to individuals that 'deserve' and have worked hard to receive them.

1. Companies/Sites keep record of your activity and involvement on their sites.
- Please note that all activity is kept strictly confidential and is very private.  It is called 'aggregated' content. This means that it does not track your name, birthday, location, etc.  It only tracks your cookies on your computer and your IP address.

2. If they notice that you are interested and involved in what they have to offer (qualified AND disqualified surveys!!) you will start to be 'rewarded' and given opportunities for more advanced & higher paid activities.

-For example:
Let's say that you take 1 or 2 surveys 5-7 times a week.  A Survey Site/Company will notice this (and don't think, for one second, they DON'T notice this...).  Because of your 'loyalty' they will start sending surveys that could qualify you for something special, like, an interactive online session.  We, at CrazyCreditGPT, have taken several of these sessions and have always gotten paid anywhere from  $25 up to $100! Do you really think they (sites/companies) are going to offer a position to someone that HASN'T been loyal?  NO!  Why? Because the site/company that has the job of filling these positions are being paid by huge (sometimes multi-million dollar companies, like, Nike and Tampax.) corporations that NEED these studies done in a professional and timely matter.  Reasons, like this one, are why they only choose loyal and active members.  They need to make sure that you are going to 'make good' with your commitments and promises.

3. These paid activities include online and offline (in person) focus groups that pay 30$ to 200$, online interactive group sessions that pay 25$ to 100$, ongoing interactive sessions that last 3 days to 7 days and pay 20$ per day, longer (60 to 120 minute) surveys that pay 30$ to 100$, phone interviews/surveys that pay 20$ to 75$ per phone session, in home product trials (food, electronics such as MP3 players, children's toys, pet products, etc), medical research studies that pay 100$ to 500$ plus free ongoing treatment/medicine and free doctor/specialist visits, and so much more.  All these high paying activities are why it's so IMPORTANT to stay active and complete surveys daily!

can you really make $25 - $75 per survey?

How to sort through the Real from the Fake Survey Sites

Surveys are a great way to supplement your income.  The trick is to find the right survey site(s).  There are a lot of survey sites out there and it can be extremely confusing & time consuming to sort through the spammy, junk, 'waste of your time,' and/or scam sites to ultimately find the money-making, legitimate survey sites.
1. If you have searched for survey sites then you already know there are a million!  First you need to know the Golden Rule: DON'T EVER PAY FOR A SURVEY SITE. Never, ever, give your money to a site that makes you pay for a list of survey sites.  How can you tell these sites a part from REAL sites?
- They might look like a sales pitch, a 'Landing Page,' or even an infamous 'Get Rich Quick' Scam.
-There will usually be fake testimonials of people claiming to make hundreds a week taking surveys. You will see things like this: "I never believed I could get paid for just giving my opinion! But, after just 2 days of signing up for 'Name of Site Here,' I made $344!!" or "My friend, Joe, told me I could make money for just telling companies what I thought.  I didn't believe him until I got my first check for $422!"
-These fake so-called 'Survey Sites' will always tell you that you have to pay "Just a one time fee of only $$$!'  Basically, they'll tell you that you have to get out your credit card or write a check.  DON'T EVER PAY FOR A LIST that you can get for free HERE!
-REAL Survey Sites let you take surveys directly from their sites! And you can take the surveys for free!

2. When you do find REAL Survey Sites, most of them do not offer a lot of surveys and unfortunately too many are just a waste of your time and well-needed energy.  A lot of sites will tell you that you have to wait for them to email you with available surveys.
-These are still legitimate and trust-worthy sites. BUT make sure you STILL SIGN UP FOR SURVEY SITES THAT HAVE DASHBOARDS, TOO. How long will it take to accumulate the minimum cash-out amount if you only get an invitation to one survey a week?  The trick do mastering these 'invitation only' sites is this: Sign up for a bunch of them PLUS the dashboard sites. This way, you have a bunch of money and checks coming in from SEVERAL sites at once.

3. There are even survey sites that tell you they will pay you 25$ to 75$ per survey.
-Sure, they will pay you that much money...after you purchase a product that costs 24$ or 74$!  Then you have to do a survey about the product you purchased. This is called 'product testing,' not survey taking.  This process takes weeks, sometimes months, & is not an ideal way to make ANY kind of cash because is nearly impossible to have any kind of earning potential!
-Don't mistake us, we are NOT saying that these offers are ALL scams... because some very legitimate sites (like Vindale Research and Survey Downline) have these kinds of so-called 'surveys (that are ACTUALLY paid product tests).' Just don't ever believe that you can make $75 from 'Taking a Survey!'