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But First... Some Very Different & Unique 'survey-Like' Sites...


TellWut!  Not the typical survey site, and we're  not even sure what kind of site they are... err... yeah! But we do know IT IS AWESOME!  They claim it's a survey site, but you don't answer 'regular' surveys, instead you get paid to answer 1,2,3, or 4 question quizzes! And they are usually multiple choice!  Crazy, right?? And no, this is not a scam or a joke.  You actaully get points for going through an insanely massive (2,300) database of categorized 'surveys' and answering which ever you chose.  You also get paid for creating these tiny quizzes.  You can also maximize your earings by referring an UNLIMITED amount of people to your downline!  There are also random 'surveys' that are larger and pay more points.  We are BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity and awesomeness of this site and it's earning potential We were so shocked and amazed that we have timed our earning sessions so that we could report to you, our fans, exactly the amount of cash $$$ we made and the amount of time it took.  You can see these numbers along with a full and detailed description of TellWut on our Everything Else GPT. 

You will not be dissapointed with this site, in fact you'll have a blast laughing so hard (because it's so stupidly easy to earn money that it cracks you up!) that you might find it difficult to tick the right boxes!

CrowdTap is another totally unique, and interactive money making gold mine! (err, don't quit your job... please! It's an extra income, 'pay some bills,' supplemental gold mine!) We are so happy that we can tell others about these fantastic FREE and easy ways to earn money... and hopefully prevent honest and hard working people from being manipulated and robbed by these 'Get Rich Quick' Schemes/Scams!  CrowdTap is a different kind of 'Survey' site that forces you to be interactive with products and services by points (virtual cash $$$!)  When you first register with CrowdTap it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out how to get the high-paying 'Missions' and 'Actions' needed to make more money.  We are here to help you! First, for a more detailed and thorough description of CrowdTap please go to Everything Else GPT and scroll down (second from top).  When you sign in you will immediately notice a section called 'Quick Hits.'  These are simple 1-4 question quizzes that you earn points by telling CrowdTap more about your likes and dislikes so they can match you up with larger and higher paid activities.  As you do more of these 'quick hits' you will be offered 'Missions' and 'Actions' that pay much more.  Missions & Actions are quick, social activities that actually let you have discussions, post things to your facebook page, write reviews, watch commercials/ads/movie trailors, check out websites, and more.  CrowdTap is also famous for giving out the coolest (and expensive, too!) product/service trials!  So go ahead, sign up for something different that earns you money for nothing but your time!

Instant Gratification
Survey Sites!
Reguest Payment Afer Taking 1 Survey or making 1$!

'As Good As It Gets!'
Our List of Infamous Survey Sites that are Trust Worthy & Have Been For Years

They're name is Quick Rewards for a reason! They'll easily become one of your favorites because they offer several daily surveys with *Instant Cash Out* and NO Minimum needed, and have special promotions weekly for more ways to earn money.  They also have a daily paid email that gives you free money just for opening it, and extra daily promotional surveys. They are highly trusted and reputable because they have been around for years, which is a  a rarity when it comes to survey sites!  You should definitely take advantage of this offer. Quick Rewards will pay you directly to your PayPal account after every single survey.  So, what are you waiting for?  This is the PERFECT site for all you people who LOVE to get paid quickly because QuickRewards pays you after making just $.01... and you can request payment the second you make that first penny! Visit Quick Rewards now to start making cash $$$ for your opinion.  And guess what?  They are also a rewards site, too.  Check out our Top GPT Sites that Credit for another review about their rewards section. FYI though, Quick Rewards is and always will be remembered and praised for their awesome survey panel!

*Tip*  If you cash out and do not see your money instantly, we promise it will be there shortly.  Sometimes it takes up to 2 days...but it is so worth the 2 day wait.  How many other companies send you money right away after taking just 1 survey?

My Survey Voice prides themselves on having over 15 years experience in the market research industry. They know EXACTLY what the clients want, as well as what the members need!  Many survey panels want you to wait until you reach 5$ - 20$ before you can get paid, but MySurveyVoice realizes that legitimate opinions should be paid daily!  You can cash out daily after earning just 1$!  CrazyCreditGPT has been watching this company and they definitely passed our test by paying us at least 4 times, consistently.  They have a massively huge selection of surveys (both daily and other) along with hundreds of offers (GPT).  You can find the offers under --->Daily Surveys (or just Surveys)--->Browse Categories--->All (or New Offers).  We debated on where to put My Survey Voice, but ultimately decided they definitely belong here under Top Surveys because they are more focused on consumer opinions than they are offers.  They even have a whole page dedicated to their past experience in the industry.  So, if you want to get paid, and get paid NOW, than My Survey Voice is for you!

The name says it all!  Daily Survey Panel will pay you directly to your PayPal account after you make 1$ (which is basically one survey).  YES, you get paid after taking just one survey!! They are the sister site of Quick Rewards, which makes them extremely reliable and trustworthy.  You don't have to worry about being scammed by them, we promise! Their site is perfect for the people who make nice supplemental incomes online taking surveys AND for the people who occasionally play around online while making a little cash on the side.  If you decide to take 2-3 surveys daily then you can definitely make $60-$90 monthly ($2-$3 daily) OR you can take only a few surveys a week and make $15-$20 monthly, it's your life and your decision!  You can take as little or as many surveys as you want, depending on your dedication to make money, then transfer the money directly to PayPal and get paid fast! You will always 'fall back' on Daily Survey Panel when you become frustrated with other sites.

They're another panel that will pay you after making just 1$ (one survey)!  They actually pay you with a check!  This means you can request several payouts per day/week and have your mailbox filled with lots of checks!  Or you can wait until you make 5$, 10$ or 20$, it is all up to you!  You will love how easy their navigational system is, allowing you to go pick out your survey of choice, take the survey, and wait for payment.  Don't get discouraged if you don't receive several invitations or have a lot of survey opportunities on your dashboard during the first week or two.  After this initial period, you will start to receive plenty of surveys, we promise!  The great part about SurveySavvy's surveys is they aren't from other companies (such as SSI, Samplicio, GiveUsYour2Cents, Greenfield, etc.), they are directly from SurveySavvy's marketing corporation.  This is really beneficial because number 1: Surveys are shorter because there aren't as many qualifying questions because they already have your demographics, and 2: You won't get any messages that say 'Sorry, it appears you have already taken this survey,' and 3: It's actually easier to qualify because the survey's are usually only offered to SurveySavvy registrants, and not offered to millions of other people, making the qualifications much more lenient. It doesn't get any easier than SurveySavvy!

*HOT* A lot of Sites sell lists of online survey companies and SurveySavvy is always on these lists!  NEVER pay for a list b/c CrazyCreditGPT gives it to you for Free!

Survey Hunt

Survey Hunt is featured under our Top Surveys because it's a wonderful GPT site that has over 10 daily surveys, as well as a lot of featured surveys, that pay good!  We wanted to continue watching it before we made a decision to highlight it.  It definitely passed the test!  Usually GPT sites do not pay as well for surveys as the  'Only Surveys' sites do, but Survey Hunt does pay just as well (.75$ to 1.50$).  Plus, you get paid after only accumulating 10 cents.  10 cents to cash out? Yes! We usually don't make a habit out of featuring GPT Sites under our Top Suveys, but this was so tempting because of the amount of surveys and base pay.  If you have never signed up for a GPT Site (because you only stick to survey-only sites) you might want to try this out because this is the perfect 'starter' site for someone like you!  Just go to --->Offers --->Browse Categories --->Daily Surveys.  So, register for Survey Hunt, complete one survey, and get paid instantly!  Have fun and make those pockets fatter, INSTANTLY!

'Best Kept Secret'
Survey Sites!

We're Blowing the Lid off! These Survey Sites Have Been out of the Lime Light for Too Long!

5$ Sign Up Bonus!  Wow!  That's a Survey Site!  This is a great example of a 'Best Kept Secret' Survey Site.   All surveys range from 1$ to 5$ daily and they tell you exactly how many minutes each survey takes to complete, and the estimated times are actually accurate! Sometimes they offer surveys that pay you 10$ a pop.  You only see these high paying surveys about once a week, maybe less; however, if you do one weekly that's equal to 40$ per month!  If you love simple, easy, and straight-to-the-point sites...then MindField Online is the place for you to take your surveys!  I honestly don't understand why they don't advertise themselves more often on the web. MindField Online should be the blueprint for most survey sites.  Why?  Have you ever had a really, complicated, hectic, day?  All you want to do is come home and relax.  Making some cold hard cash is a great way to end the day!  On these tough days the last thing you want is a survey site that has a million graphics, fifteen pages to sort through, point systems, and ten minute qualifying questions.  Not MindField Online!  It's a very plain, yet stylish lay out that makes it unbelievably easy to earn money online.  Just visit this site every day and complete at least one survey and you will make 45$ at the very least, and that's the bare minimum!  Imagine if you took the 10$ surveys that are offered weekly.  You would make 70$ monthly!  How hard can it be to do one survey per day?  Only one way to find out...

Survey Downline

Survey Downline  is quickly becoming a top cash generating site because it's very easy to make good money and they offer plenty (at least 20) of surveys for you to choose from every single day.  It's highlighted as a 'Best Kept Secret' because it's almost invisible to the world wide web! Usually CrazyCreditGPT does not endorse any company with 'spammy' offers, but we make exceptions for good sites!  When you first register there are 2 pages of 'spammy offers.'  All you need to do is quickly tick 'no' in every box unless you want a crazy amount of junk mail.  Soon after you will be on their home page.  It is worth it, I swear!  You should never see these offers again, unless of course you want to!  Every day you sign in you'll be presented with a new 'study' they are offereing.  If you're not interested just click to get to your dasboard.  'Studies' are basically product tests.  Alot of people enjoy doing these kids of 'Studies' but we love Survey Downline because of the awesome daily surveys.  The site has a very simple design & they actually tell you what the surveys will be about before you attempt to qualify!  The only down side is the topics can change as a result of your initial answers.  They offer a referral program based on percentages. All in all, Survey Downline can make you a sweet supplemental income!

Very Misunderstood! Get the truth, here!

YourFreeSurveys gives ALL their members a 5$ Bonus to Sign Up!  They definitely got their slogan right, 'All in Spare Time.'  CrazyCreditGPT cannot stress this enough!  If you want to generate a supplemental income to pay some bills, go on vacation, get your child a new bike, or whatever else you need/want, then you need to start completing surveys and offers.  Doing this in your spare time is the best thing you could ever do to achieve this goal without getting bored, frustrated, or over-worked!  YourFreeSurveys is the perfect place to do this.  Warning: This survey site is very deceiving.  It looks like a survey directory but that is only the first page.  You have to go to the Top Right under 'Current Member Surveys' and click on "Click Here for Current Available Surveys."  This is where you will find over 20 surveys to complete! Here's how it works: They offer a few surveys you can take once daily. Then they offer SSI (the same EXACT surveys used for sites, like, Opinion Outpost, Survey Spot, and Opinon World!) You can take 10 SSI surveys daily! They also have other surveys available that change frequently. YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF SURVEYS TO TAKE with YourFreeSurveys!  They also feature some great 'how-to' articles and a small directory of other surveys.  This truly is one of the simplest and best survey sites around.  Plus you get 4$ to register, and another 1$ to fill out their 2 minute profile survey!

Hot Tip to Avoid Offer Paths

YourFreeSurveys has a very bad reputation because of the spammy 'offer paths' that might pop up.  YOU CAN AVOID THIS! If you learn to avoid this, or just get over it... you will come to realize that is a very good survey panel.

- Every time you go to log in, you MIGHT be shown offer paths.  To Avoid this, just

1. Sign in, IF you are shown these paths,

2. Go back to the sign in page (as if you NEVER signed in, or just press the back button). Re-Sign in.  This will avoid all spammy offer paths.

-If you follow this trick you will avoid all offer paths.

Click Here to join a site that will definitely make your pockets fatter!

American Consumer Opinion

Click the banner to sign up to one of the most popular, interesting, and new-age Survey Panel's!  I swear, I love this site.  In fact, I have NEVER completed a survey for less than $3, NEVER! I'm serious. American Consumer Opinion truly understands that your thoughts and reactions to products and services are worth something.  They 'get it' and realize that you, the consumer, have opinions that shape and influence every single product and service available today.  Because of this understand they pay good money for completed surveys and even pay you for screener surveys.  How many survey sites actually pay you for taking a screener?  Not many!  The great thing about this panel is the surveys you receive look like cartoons, seriously!  They are interactive and packed with cool graphics.  You get paid for 'Screeners' and get invitations based on your answers.  You get paid as soon as you reach 10$ by PayPal or Check.  The best way to make the most out of American Consumer Opinion is to work on other survey sites in between completing surveys for ACO.  The reason I say this is because ACO, unfortunately, does not have a dashboard. BUT they make up for this by paying such high amounts per survey.  Do you get enough opportunities?  Absolutely!  I can honestly say that I cash out with over $15 (although you only need $10 to cash out) about twice a month.  If you REALLY want to make a few hundred a month, then the best way to do this is to join more survey companies.  You should be taking surveys for various sites; therefore, receiving payments on a steady basis.  ACO is good for getting 'surprise' surveys spontaniously that are worth more than $3.  Other survey companies are good for picking and choosing which surveys you want to take off their dashboards and having more control over the amount of money you want to make (depending on your effort, just like a real job!).  This way, you'll be earning lots of money because not only will you have money from other survey sites, but you'll have an unexpected ten bucks wedged in between there!  Who could say no to that?  Plus, we have gotten 3 higher paying opportunites since we signed up! 2 were product trials, and 1 was a interactive online session that paid 40$ for 45 minutes!

Free Gift Cards at

We are proud to tell everyone about Quizpoints, a survey and reward site that has been around for 9 years!  YES, QuizPoints has been helping average people, like you and me, pay for things around the house, pump FREE gas in our cars, pick up food at Walmart and Target along with various restaurants, and much more for 9+ YEARS!!  Here at CrazyCreditGPT we trust a site that has been online for that long and that has nothing but positive reviews from it's own members!  You know, we contimplented a lot over where to place QuizPoints, under our 'Best Kept Secret' sites or here.  We ultimately decided to place them here, under our 'As Good As It Gets' Survey sites because they are a very old and trustworthy site that is nothing short of spectacular.  You can take an infinate amount of surveys without reading the dreaded 'Sorry, we don't have any more surveys that fit your demographics,' or without having to wait for the dreaded invitation email to just take a darn survey!! They also have some GPT offers! Their design is very unique and you will see nothing else like it on the web.  PLUS it is very, very simple and self explanatory so it makes it a very ideal site for BOTH novices and newbies along with experienced survey takers.  It is very quick to register for and there are NO PROFILE SURVEYS!!  Hooray!! WooHoo! Right?? LOL. Also, they have an AWESOME monthly bonus that EVERYONE IS ELIGLE FOR: If you complete 15 surveys you get $5 FREE!! WOW!  That means that if you take only less than 4 surveys a week you will make an extra $.30+ per survey!! Yes, we did the math... haha.  You would be CRAZY not to make QuizPoints one of your favorite 'go-to' sites that earn you a supplemental income!  Your rewards start at just $10 and include GREAT gift cards such as Walmart & Target, American Express debit cards, Shell & BP gas cards, Gap, Old Navy, & Banana Republic, AppleBees, P.F. Chang's, LongHorn Steak House, Red Lobster, Outback and Olive Garden, Home Depot, Kohls, JC Penny's, Safeway, and much, much more!! What are you waiting for?? Sign up now for a site that has been around for 9+ years and has endless FREE rewards!!

Ipsos is an International Company that operates in 100 countries across the world!  So Yes, they are definitely International and you can sign-up for i-Say if you are not from USA.  This is one of the most trusted and respected survey sites around and you will never have to worry about getting paid from i-say!  Their surveys are home-made and they have set the standards for many other survey sites when it comes to the 'new-age' survey and what one should be like.  What the heck does this mean?? It means that they have cool surveys!  LOL. They are so interactive and so virtual that it really makes you forget that you are taking one.  They are loaded with cool sliding widgets and moving, life-like tours of locations such as a grocery store or a drive down a billboard-loaded highway strip!  You get paid for each survey you take and there are plenty available for you on your dashboard.  There are plenty of cash-out options with the most popular being PayPal.  They are also the pioneers of 'Poll Predictor.'  It's a little game you play after each survey (whether you qualify or not!) that gets you entries for their prize raffles.  You have to slide the widget toward different values that answers popular questions and you receive entries based on how closely your answer matched the correct one.  It's actually quite addicting!  Signing up for i-Say is one of the best decisions you can make when deciding to work online for free!

ZoomBucks is the second most popular site on CrazyCreditGPT!  People absolutely love them because they make earning money so easy! Most think of them as just a GPT site.  I guess they forgot about the 25+ surveys offered every single day!  They are also one the biggest, most gigantically huge GPT sites online.  It's a GPT/Survey Combination site that literally has ways to make money in every corner, angle, menu, and banner you can see or find.  Honestly.  I highly recommend registering if you want to make easy and fast money.  You can cash out when ever you accumulate 5$. 

**ZoomBucks offers a separate survey experience called 'ZB Surveys! (third from the bottom under 'Earn ZBucks')'  Do not confuse this separate add-on with the 'Daily Surveys' option (Daily Surveys make you nice money, too!).  Take 35+ surveys daily!!  You will never run out of ways to make money on this site!

Zoom Panel

ZoomPanel definitely deserves to be under our 'As Good as It Gets' Survey Sites because of the crazy amount of prizes you can earn for taking surveys.  Plus, they a nice simple dashboard that lists all of your available surveys so you don't have to wait for the invations to come by email (We strive to list ONLY Survey Sites with Dashboards!) Not only are their surveys very interactive and packed with graphics and 'touch button' features, but they pay well too!  There are hundreds of prizes to pick from once you reach the 10$ cash out limit.  When Darin, one of our FanFeatures, told CrazyCreditGPT about his favorite site, Zoom Panel, we could not believe it wasn't advertised more on the web.  It's the perfect site to register for if you are new to the industry because of it's simple, yet sophisticated design.  If you're looking for an interesting site to start your supplemental income adventure with, or if you're just always looking for the next great site to make you more money than ZoomPanel is the place for you!  Register Here.

My Survey is a very trusted survey panel that has been around for years.  They have a dashboard and there is usually always surveys available to take if you complete your 'LifeStyle Surveys!'  If you google phrases, such as 'My Survey is a scam,' or 'Is My Survey Panel a scam,' etc. , you will find very little that says My Survey is, in fact, a scam! That's because everyone knows how genuine ths company is.  Not only will you always get paid, but you will find that their support team is just that... supportive.  I have had to contact them before (about changing my email) and they responded quickly, fixed the issue, and assured me that I could contact them whenever I had questions/problems and not to hesitate.  Having an excellent support team is a big deal and can, ultimately, make or break a company.  Another wonderful feature that sets MySurvey a part from other companies is their 'Home-made' surveys (Yes, we have coined a new phrase!).  'Home-made' simply means that the surveys are actually designed by the company offering them.  MySurvey makes interactive questionnaires that have cool widgets and sliding bars!  They are not the usual repetitive and boring Q&A's you see on some sites.  Although MySurvey will (rarely!) have surveys offered by 3rd parties, they will tell you ahead of time.  'Home-made' Surveys are so much better to complete because they are easier to qualify for because the company already has your demographics.  This usually makes them shorter, too.  MySurvey pays you accordingly, and your earnings will vary based on the length of the survey.  You only need 10$ to cash out which is just 1100 MySurvey Points.  If you want to complete surveys offered by a very trustworthy and genuine site, then MySurvey is for you!  Do you want to take risks with companies that don't have great reputations?

'OMG!' Survey Sites

get Blown Away By these Incredible Survey Sites!

OMG! Get paid $1 for answering ONE QUESTION at PollBuzzer!
Yes, you read right... get paid $1 everytime you are emailed with a 'Survey' from PollBuzzer!  The $1 is then immediately deposited into your PayPal account the day after you answer the email.  Here's the scoop and how it benefits you, the consumer!
PollBuzzer has decided to offer a revolutionary and new way for clients to recieve feedback about anything!  They actually offer real time consumer reviews.  PollBuzzer has made it possible for anyone, including lawyers, consultants, marketing divisions, small businesses, multi-million dollar corporations, etc., to ask important questions and receive answers from a targeted audience of their choosing.
PollBuzzer takes a portion of their profits and gives it to us, the consumers and panelists.  We get paid $1 for answering these important questions.  How do we receive these important questions? Through the power of email! A 'Survey' that consists of one question gets sent to our email inbox.  If we answer the question (a simple multiple choice question that we answer in the email, itself. We don't even have to be directed to their site!) in time we receive the dollar.  There are no 'Cash-Out' requests, no minimum account balances, and no forms to fill out.  Our money is directly sent to our PayPal accounts.  How absolutely wonderful is that?

We have been involved with PollBuzzer for about 4 months. 
In this time, we have received and answered 7 questions.  If you Google reviews about PollBuzzer the majority are very positive.  Of course, there will always be people that are not satisfied and expect to recieve $1 questions every single day.  No, you will not receive PollBuzzer questions every single day.  But, you will absolutely be thrilled when you start receiving, on average, about 2 questions monthly.  If that is not enough incentive for you to invest a whopping 5 minutes to register for PollBuzzer than you insanely crazy!  What could be more rewarding than receving a dollar in your PayPal account for answering a question in an email? I certainly don't know!  So go on & register for PollBuzzer and start having a blast making cash $$$!

PollBuzzer has given CrazyCreditGPT a crazy good SHOUT OUT on Facebook! Thank you so much, PollBuzzer!

"Thanks for the terrific review! Glad you like PollBuzzer..."

-PollBuzzer, Facebook

Very Misunderstood! Get the truth, here!

*CRAZY AWESOME Support on their Facebook Page! If you ask them questions or just comment they will respond/comment quickly! VERY HELPFUL!*

Vindale research has to be the most misunderstood Survey Site/Panel on the entire web!  Why? Most people believe that they are one of those Scam sites that claim you will get paid 75$ for one survey.  This is true for their 'surveys (which I will explain)' but they also have 'My Studies' which are normal, 1$-5$ paid surveys!  Actually, Vindale has more 'studies' available then most survey sites have & they pay more, too!  Don't believe us? Just sign up and go to---> My Surveys---> My Studies.  Here you find at least 10 different surveys & the description of each one, which is awesome b/c not too many sites give you details about a survey before you take it.  Also, when you sign up you will be presented with  a 'Tutorial' that you get 5$ for completing!  This 'Tutorial' shows you how easy it is to complete their 'Surveys.'  Okay, let's talk about these so-called 'Surveys' that you can make 75$ on.  How is this possible? 1st of all, let's get something straight.  These 'surveys' are actually product reviews.  Do not these confused with 'Product Trials' because they are free.  You have to pay for 'Product Reviews (Vindale calls them surveys).'  While you do not have to pay for the ones that only offer 2$ to 7$ because they are usally free service trials, you do have to pay for the ones that pay 10$-75$. After you pay and recieve the product and/or paid service you do a review.  The review then pays you the money.  So, let's say you buy a product that cost you 50$ and then you do a review on the product.  This review, or Vindale's 'Survey's,' make you 75$.  This means you have profited 25$.  While 25$ is a nice chunk of change for a simple review, the whole process can be a bit tedious and annoying.  You have to sign up for the products/services and remember to cancel them before your credit card gets billed past the first month, unless, of course, you like your product/service and want to keep it past the required (this is how long you have to pay for the service in order to get paid by Vindale) time.  Basically these studies are exactly like high paying 'Trial' GPT offers! So go on, register for Vindale and find out why they are still around afer 5 years... they must be doing SOMETHING right!!

Vindale has given CrazyCreditGPT AWESOME feedback & an extremely generous Shout Out!

"@CrazyCreditGPT Wow, thank you! Looks like you have quite the following on Facebook. Keep up the great work and thanks again! If you post more articles in the future please do share them. :D"

We are THRILLED (!!!!!) that we can finally tell everyone about Honest Insite!  We are very serious and picky about which sites 'make the cut' and get a spot on CrazyCreditGPT.  One of our most important requirements is receiving payment.  So as soon as we received our *30$* (yey!!!) PayPal payment we IMMEDIATELY put Honest Insite under our 'Best Kept Secret" Surveys because it's where they belong!  The site, itself, is very appealing and easy to navigate.  Their dashboard is extremely helpful because you can see your available surveys - instead of the dreaded 'waiting for a survey invite' (Grrroowwlll)!  You also have instant access to your earnings, referrals, news, updates, and account info on your dashboard.  This makes your Honest Insite experience easy and organized because all your important information can be found in one place, instead of being annoyingly spread around the entire site!  You also get unlimited 1$ referral bonuses, not too shabby for a survey site referral program, which is very rare!  You have several cash out options(!) including PayPal, Amazon Gift Certificates, Visa Pre-Paid Card, and a donation option.  Their surveys pay nice, averaging between 1.50$ - 3.75$, and are very interactive and graphically cool with sliding widgets and other animated thinger-ma-bobbers!  So go ahead and register with a REAL survey Panel, Honest Insite, and start getting paid to mold new products and services.  Oh yea, don't forget to fill out ALL of your profile services (stop crying, they are only 2-10 question polls) so they can give you EVEN MORE SURVEY OPPORTUNITIES!

Ridiculously EASY Survey Panel!  YouGov is famous for having the most 'home-made' surveys on the web.  What the holy heck does 'home-made' mean (and yes, CrazyCreditGPT just branded a new survey slang word! You heard it hear first, people!!)? 'Home-made' simply means the panel, itself, has designed and published the survey.  It means that a survey did not come from another company or panel who designs surveys.  It has not come from anywhere else but the survey site/panel who is administering it.  Home-made surveys are so much better than others because 1. it is much simpler to qualify because the panel already has your demographics, and 2. the survey is usually very specific to your preferences and you have been selected for a reason.  This means that the survey will, more than likely, be of interest to you!  YouGov is also infamous for offering their panelists (you!) surveys that you will always qualify for!  It is seldom that you will have to go through a qualifying process when completing surveys for YouGov.  Awesome, right?? Also, you can cash out at just 15$ which is absolutely wonderful, compared to a lot of legitimate panels that require at least 20$ minimum.  They are also turning into a very popular social platform where panelists can interact with eachother and discuss popular topics such as politics and national news.  As a matter of fact, YouGov's surveys are usually centered around these popular topics such as politics and national news, plus other hot subjects like entertainment, celebrities, shopping, fashion, sports, and basically anything you would see on the 5 o'clock news! So, get it on the action now and sign up for the most insanely simple survey panel on the entire web.  What are you waiting for? An easier survey site? You won't find an easier survey site! And that is a CrazyCreditGPT promise! And we mean business (grrr.... we are making a serious face)!

*Must Join*
HCDSurveys    WONDERFUL, High Paying Survey Panel!  Usually CrazyCreditGPT only praises Survey Sites that offer several daily surveys with full dashboards... but we can make exceptions for panels that give you 10$ per survey!  One of the biggest mistakes people make when chosing which Survey Sites to sign up for is picking ONLY sites that have several surveys daily.  While you will make most of your money with panels that enable you to take survey after survey, you also need to have a well-established panel that sends you high paying, important, and deliberated assigned surveys.  We say 'deliberately assigned' because this means that the company making the survey (collecting the date, the reason the survey was made) usually looks for a specific demographic of people and are willing to pay more for these 'carefully selected' surveys and their participants!  Basically (in plain english!) you get paid more per survey from panels that don't give surveys out 'to just anybody.'  You can cash out at only 10$, which may only be from taking one survey!  HCD Surveys pay you a lot of money per survey, not just one or two dollars.  I have never taken a survey from them that paid me less than 5$.  You will only receive about four surveys monthly (maybe more, maybe less), but when you do receive one make sure to click on the link!  You can also view your available surveys on your dashboard right on the site.

Quick Note: The first time I received a survey it was for 10$  and only took twenty minutes of my time.  Right after taking it I cashed out!  I was again surprised because I received the check five days later, no joke!! You should instantly add HCD Surveys to your email contacts list so you know when you have a survey waiting for you and it will never go into the spam folder

Bonus Points awarded to your account just for registering & you  also get paid profile surveys!  A tue example of a CrazyCreditGPT 'OMG!' Survey Site & we highly recommend registering for True Panel! Finally, there is a survey panel (or website, for that matter!) that is actually reasonable and very smart.  What do we mean by this?  They use the latest tecnology in Market Research (surveys and such).  For starters, your information is automatically stored for each and every survey, profile survey, and project (a much higher paid form of surveying, much like focus groups and interactive sessions).  This means that every survey you complete already has certain answers checked off or listed.  You can change the answers at any time, too.  Second, you are paid according the time spent.  Most survey panels already do this but not as accurately and fairly as True Panel.  Lastly, they offer Projects that reward you with high amounts of cash $$$, product give aways, and other awesome rewards.  You are not just restricted to the usual 1$ - 5$ individual surveys.  These projects use technology, like digital camera's, tablets, smartphones, and webcams (True Panel offers very high paying projects for using webcams!) to make the experience more accurate and 'hands on.'  It's very rewarding and fun for both parties involved, businesses and consumers.  Another reason True Panel is one of our Top Surveys is because they use the convenient Dashboard system.  Say Bye-Bye to waiting around for email invitations because all of your available surveys (dashboard surveys DO NOT require webcams!) can be found on your dashboard. Also, you can apply for high paying Projects by just answering a few questions.  Cash out starts at just 10$!  Go on, sign up and have a blast!

We absolutely adore Toluna!  It is so ridiculously easy to make money with this survey panel because they offer an UNLIMITED amount of surveys!  Most of the surveys listed on your dashboard are designed and offered by Toluna.  When you are completing surveys that are actually made by the site [company] offering them it means the qualifications are much less painful (!) because you don't have to answer as many questions due to them already having your demographics.  Cool, huh? To get to the surveys go to --->Explore --->Survey Center & keep pressing 'Show More Surveys' to have an umlimited amount available to pick an choose from!  How many Survey Sites give you the ability to pick and choose surveys?? Another awesome feature is the ability to enter Product Tests!  You can sign up for the featured product & see what products tests are up and coming.  They offer a new product test every other week, including prodcuts from Revlon, Axe, L'oreal, Kodak, Wii, Maybelline, PSP, iPhone, and many more!  We recently tested and kept L'oreal Mineral Blush! To apply for a Product Test go to --->Rewards--->Test Products--->BLAM, JUST SIGN UP!  You can request cash, check, Facebook credits, Visa pre-paid card, and Gifties.  Gifties are these neat little virtual gifts (for yourself or a friend from their Social Platform!) that range from M&M's all the way up to full blown vacations!  You will absolutely fall in love with Toluna, just like we have!  

Toluna has given CrazyCreditGPT a great Shout Out! Thank you! We are very honored, Toluna!

"Thanks, CrazyCreditGPT, for the mention [in your website]!"

Global Test Market

*WARNING YOU MIGHT MAKE A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF CASH* Global TestMarket is absolutely fantastic!  You will definitely make money with this site.  They are very serious about what they offer, and understand that completing surveys is the main source of supplemental income for some people. It's extremely possible/realistic to make a monthly income with Global TestMarket and they make it quite obvious by presenting us with very high paying surveys and several opportunities to qualify for those surveys.  Every single survey is at least 1.50$ & can be as high as 5$, maybe more.  Global Test Market designs & creates their own market research surveys so you are usually presented with their very own surveys to complete.  These kinds of 'home-made' surveys are much easier to qualify for since they already have your demographics! Basically, if you want to be serious about making money this is the start of your adventure.  Have fun making those pockets fat!
Hot Tip: The first week you might not receive a ton of surveys.  We promise you will start to see more afterwards.  You will have the opportunity to complete so many surveys that you will be overwhelmed!

We absolutely adore Opinion Outpost and their LOW 10$ Cash Out Minimum!  There are plenty of sites that use Survey Sampling International Surveys (such as Opinon World, Survey Spot, Chozz, PCH, etc...) BUT Opinion Outpost pays the highest out of every single one of these... and trust us because we belong to every single one of these panels!  You can take an SSI survey at another panel and only get paid $.50 - $1 but take the same EXACT survey at Opinion Outpost ant get paid $1.50!  Its true and if you don't believe us, then go ahead and try for yourself.  But we guarantee that you will use Opinion Outpost as your one and only source to complete SSI surveys!

Now as we previously stated, you only need to make 10$ before cashing out with Opinion Outpost.  The only down side is you must have a Verified PayPal account to get cash.  This is the only reason we have not added them sooner.  BUT it is EXTREMELY EASY to get verified with PayPal.  It's not some complicated, long process.  Just use your bank account.  PayPal is the most trusted virtual bank on the world wide web and is used by millions of establishments.  There is no reason not to get verified! Plus, being verified enables you to put your earned money right into your bank account instead of having to request checks all the time.  You can also get a PayPal Debit Card and withdraw your money at any ATM machine you want! 

We make a lot of our supplemental income using Opinion Outpost.  Their surveys (again, they are SSI Surveys) become more and more interactive and 'cartoon-like' every day! No more boring and repetitive multiple choice questons.  They are being replaced by cool, sliding widgets.  They even have surveys that link you out of the survey, itself, and onto interactive, 'walk-through' diagrams of products and services.

It is so easy to make your 10$ with Opinion Outpost.  Just follow our guideline:  Every day take 2 surveys (that equals about 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes). Maybe take 1 more survey every other day. After 3 days you will have made your 10$.  It is that simple! Imagine if you did this every 3 days... you will make 100$ monthly just from taking 2 surveys daily! How easy is that? So come on, sign up for Opinion Outpost and add 100$ to your monthly income!

Paid ViewpoinT

We absolutely LOVE Paid Viewpoint and cannot rave enough about this innovative Top Survey Panel! This is such a wonderful Top Survey site because their surveys are very different and not your typical multiple choice & 15 minute surveys. They are usually 5 - 10 minutes and always pay you per question!  Plus their surveys are 'Home-made,' which means that Paid ViewPoint makes and designs their own surveys.  They are not using surveys designed by other companies.  'Home-made' surveys are ALWAYS better because they already have your demographics. Also, you NEVER get the infamous 'Sorry, but your answers are not what we are looking for,"  When you get a survey from Paid Viewpoint you are automitically qualified!  It is NOT a question of 'will I get qualified and be paid?'  It is only a question of 'How many questions will I get paid for?' Not only do you make above average 'per survey' pay (yey!), but you are given 'Trait Surveys,' basically very short profile surveys, that pay you for each and every one.  These 'Trait Surveys' reward you for being honest and do not give you the full amount of points for lies and historically incorrect answers.  This is actually a very smart idea that judges your ability to be honest while completing surveys.  Every time you complete one of these 'Trait Surveys' your answers are recorded and stored for future ones.  If you are asked a question that you answered 2 weeks prior, you are expected to give the same exact answer.  IF you do NOT answer it correctly, you lose 'Trait Points.'  Your goal is to recieve more points so your 'Trait Score' climbs higher and higher.  You also receive a lot more surveys once you get a good trait score!  You can earn money so easily at Paid Viewpoint!  All you have to do is log in everyday and complete a trait survey that is available for you (which there is usually one waiting for you to complete!) under your dashboard.  You will get notified of hgher paying surveys in your email inbox.  DO NOT WAIT FOR THE INVITATIONS!  This is the BIGGEST mistake people make with this panel because people automically think that Paid Viewpoint doesn't have any survey opportunities and therefor is a scam or no good.  This is so far from the truth!  After making 15$ you recieve your money almost instantly!  You make your cash out money by only spending 3 minutes every single day on Paid Viewpoint for 10 - 12 days!  What are you waiting for???